DIY Wood Sunflower Sign | DIY Raised Puzzle Sign

DIY Wood Sunflower Sign | DIY Raised Puzzle Sign

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What you get:

  • A framed 16"x16" board that has an outline of the design
  • All the 1/4" pieces to complete the sign that have a color label on the backside
  • A map that shows where each color goes
  • Small bottle of wood glue to attach the pieces
  • Directions on how to stain/paint and order of steps

What is NOT included:

  • Paint or stain.  Make yours unique!  There are so many different ways this sign can be done!  Any craft or acrylic paint works that can be purchased from amazon, a craft store or even Target or Walmart.  You can also use stain if you choose which can be purchased from any hardware store or amazon.  I use Minwax Wood Finish StainI have found the items are cheaper in stores than amazon.  
  • Paint brushes

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